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More and more businesses are taking advantage of video marketing. Video marketing has consistently shown that it is one of the best marketing strategies, particularly for small businesses, because it allows a business to be flexible and fluid in what marketing tactics they use.

Following are ten reasons why you should consider investing in video marketing, and the benefits it can have for your business and your website.

Videos Attract Audiences

Although we may not want to admit it, most of us are lazy and easily distracted, and the prevalence of the Internet has only exacerbated this problem. And it’s far easier to pay attention to a video than it is to sit down and read an article.

Videos can provide more than just entertainment however; they can educate the consumer about your products, attract the eye, give personality to your content and overall enhance the experience of your users.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

Videos help optimise searching and increase the chances of getting a website or brand into a higher ranking on Google. Furthermore, as previously stated, videos are more likely to engage a user, which in turn decreases the bounce rate of your site, which is important for your SEO ranking. Because of this, users are more likely to share your videos, creating new links to your website, which works positively for your SEO.

Engage More Customers

Put simply, you can say a lot more, and in a much smaller amount of time and space, through video than you can through text. Plus, consumers are more likely to remember your website if it has engaging videos over standard text, which is used by most other businesses on the web.

Increase Online Visits

Statistics have shown that including videos on your website can increase the number of business profile clicks. There are countless possibilities, and people, on the Internet, and every time a person comments or shares your video, it has the opportunity to generate a new lead for your product or service.

Increase Generation

Good quality, interesting videos are a sure-fire way to generating high-quality traffic to your website. Every time you upload a new video to your website, you’re increasing your opportunities for more traffic.

It’s Affordable

While there are initial costs in creating the video, after it has been created it’s almost completely free. It’s incredibly cheap to distribute the video, and there are numerous ways to circulate your material online.

An Easier Way To Communication

Once they’ve been recorded, you can distribute your video time and time again. It can be seen by thousands or potentially millions of people online, which can save you an exponential time in the long run when trying to explain your product or services to new customers.

Access At Any Time

With technology becoming easier and more prevalent everyday, videos can be viewed at any time, and almost any place. Devices such as smart phones, laptops, iPads and so forth have made it incredibly easy to watch videos online.

Easy To Share

Sharing videos online is straightforward and simple. Social media and networking sites mean that with little effort, you can publish your video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. And as videos take less time and effort than it does to read text, people are more likely to engage with them on these sites.

Open More Emails

Statistics show that subject lines with the word ‘video’ are 2 to 3 times more likely to be opened. This can easily be achieved by either including the actual video itself in the email, or if that isn’t possible, by attaching a link to both the video, and your website.